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Different Stories.  Different Sciences. One History connecting us all.


Our Mission:

Educational outreach theatre for diverse audiences.  Sparking interest in History and Science through personal stories of discovery, exploration and innovation.

Outreach performances are tailored to meet any requirements.  

The Frontier Scientist discusses Entomology with future scientists

The Irish Engineer gives a mini program about the Central Canal

Timepiece combines History, Art and Science at the 'da Vinci Science Theatre' program

The Naturalist talks conservation with OASIS members.

The Physician recounts 19th century medicine and the onset of the Civil War


Our featured characters

Different stories.  Different sciences.


The Fastest Man on Earth: Major Taylor

World champion cyclist Major Taylor discusses everything from Physics to Fame to Fighting segregation.

The Frontier Scientist: Thomas Say

Imagine stepping aboard an experimental ship and making a two year journey to study alien life.  Thomas Say recounts the story of his 1819 zoological expedition to the Rocky Mountains.


The Inventor: Elwood Haynes

July 4, 1894.  Join inventor Elwood Haynes as he discusses Technology, Inspiration and his exciting new creation - a horseless carriage called the Pioneer!

The Naturalist: Gene Stratton Porter

Artist, Photographer, Author, Groundbreaker.  Join Mrs. Porter in the Limberlost Swamp as she speaks on childhood, literature, moths, birds, flowers and the ever-important need for conservation.


The Irish Engineer

3,000 more workers needed for construction of the Wabash-Erie Canal. Mr. Sullivan is recruiting a work crew. Do you have what it takes to complete the greatest engineering feats of the modern age?

The Physician

Learn how Susie King Taylor became a teacher and nurse while embedded with the 33rd USCT during the Civil War.


About Us

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR James Tillett's career in film, radio, television and theatre has spanned more than three decades. He has acted, directed and taught for countless theatres and production companies including the Royal George, the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Act I Studios.

COMPANY PLAYWRIGHT Bennett Ayres is a scholarship recipient for the Kenyon Playwrights Conference and former recipient of an educational arts grant from the Arthur Jordan Foundation. In 2018 Ayres was awarded a mentorship program with Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright James Still, and most recently completed a guest artist residency at Franklin College.


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